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Authentic Koobideh Kebab

Spiced lamb or beef skewers, char-kissed & juicy, a savoury Middle Eastern dance.

Aromatic Chicken Teriyaki

Marinated Chicken Cooked On A Hot Plate With Fresh Mixed Peppers & Soya Sauce & Chilli Marinade, Served With Chips, Noodles Or Rice.

Italian Style Margherita Pizza

A crispy canvas painted with tangy tomato, creamy cheese, and basil whispers.

Our fresh burgers are the true stars of our menu!

Feast your eyes and taste buds on our delicious selection of burgers. From classic cheeseburgers to speciality creations, we've got something to satisfy every burger lover's craving. Just take a look at our menu or ask our friendly staff for recommendations. Get ready to sink your teeth into burger perfection at Red Pepper Takeaway!

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Red Pepper Clarkston

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Red Pepper Clarkston
Red Pepper Clarkston
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